"Trusted Legal Service For Creatives"


Wel­come to Sanders Esq, P.C. We con­cen­trate our prac­tice on mat­ters involv­ing cre­ative endeav­ors. Our clients include record­ing artists, musi­cians, film writ­ers, con­tent providers, media com­pa­nies, authors, song­writ­ers, record labels, dis­trib­u­tors, inde­pen­dent film pro­duc­ers, web site oper­a­tors, and music pro­duc­tion companies.

Our mis­sion is the pro­tec­tion & edu­ca­tion of our clients. We work with a pas­sion for cre­ativ­ity and a deter­mi­na­tion for our clients success.




•    Pro­duc­tion & dis­tri­b­u­tion con­tracts
•    Host & tal­ent agree­ments
•    Music clear­ance
•    Music licenses
•    Screen­play pro­tec­tion
•    Tal­ent agency & man­age­ment con­tracts
•    Record­ing & per­for­mance con­tracts
•    Agency & pro­duc­tion agree­ments
•    Fash­ion Law
•    Spon­sor­ship and Adver­tis­ing Agreements

Busi­ness Affairs

•    Busi­ness incor­po­ra­tion and restruc­tur­ing
•    Draft­ing of con­tracts and licens­ing agree­ments
•    Non-Disclosure/Confidentiality Agree­ments
•    Nego­ti­at­ing com­mer­cial lease agree­ments
•    Copy­rights: reg­is­tra­tion, licens­ing & pro­tec­tion
•    Trade­marks: reg­is­tra­tion, licens­ing & protection